No wind, no worries

We choose our clinics in locations where the wind is most consistent. Of course if mother nature decides to change things up a bit we have plenty of other activities available to keep you active during these days.
Some of our activities include surf ,stand up paddle, canoeing,  rafting, mountain-biking, yoga, massage and much more.

Kitesurf spots around Europe always come with a very enjoyable nightlife too, we will take our kiters to nice bars, restaurants and local hotspots so you can experience the culture and have a great time. We also aim to refresh some of the safety techniques both on land and on water such as self rescue, rider rescue and kite rescue.These tips are essential for you as an independent kitesurfer and also for your piece of mind.

The first day of no wind we will focus on equipment care, self-rescue practise and a visit to the town.

From 2 or more windless days we organise a different activity like S.U.P. or a bike tour.

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Surf & SUP

for all levels & weather

Guided hikes

day or halfway with lunch

Whiskey tastings