Our trained yoga instructor and licensed masseuse will be coming along to each kite trip to ensure that you are ready for action every day. 
Specialized in kitesurf massage and yoga poses to maximize your body's flexibility while giving your body the after session massage that helps rejuvenate the muscles and get you ready for a day on the water.
We are privileged to have such a trained and skilled person on our team so that you have a kite trip that you'll never forget !





Rejuvenating Sport Massage

Don't worry about giving it all in your kite sessions, we have a trained sport masseuse ready to take care of sore and stuff muscles after being out on the water all day. 

By using relaxation and deep tissue techniques combined, you can unwind and regain your energy for the next day.

Massage increases the blood flow through the muscles and improves circulation. This is beneficial for acute muscle stiffness and chronic pains in your lower back, neck or shoulders. 

Deep tissue massage uses slow and strong pressure on the muscle to get to even the biggest knots without harming the tissue. Every deep stroke is followed by a gentle energy stroke to remove the toxins from the muscle fibers. Ending with relaxing head massage leaves you feeling loose and lighter on your feet. 

Massages are giving in your room so you can have a shower or a nap after.


Yoga for all levels

Kiting and yoga is becoming a popular combination, and after you try an early morning session you'l find out why. 

By gentle stretching and warming up the muscles, you limit the change of straining and injury during your session. 

Not only will yoga set a positive mood for the day, it also focusses your mind and lets you tackle those new tricks with confidence.

After 50 minutes of yoga poses and kite muscle specific stretching , follow a 10 minute guided meditation.

Morning or evening 60 minute yoga session will be organised on demand, at location. Matts, music and incense provided.


Detox, unwind & revive

with our yoga and massage