Who We Are


Always on the hunt for the best kitesurf spots, most of my time is spent on the road or in the water ! Different cultures and ways of life always interest me. 
Beaches and lagoons in Tarifa , Dakhla, Mexico, Portugal and The Netherlands have pushed me to progress fast in the sport . Loving the beach lifestyle and the surfer community I decided to share my passion and create Coastal Kitesurf. My dream is to encourage as many people as possible to feel the magic of kitesurfing. 

Barry Grimes set up  COASTAL KITESURF in 2018, with a vision of developing safe and affordable kitesurf trips.  A previous full time Kitesurf Instructor , Barry understands what progression  is all about.


With a background in massage & yoga practice. Eva has combined her love of all things chilled and has become specialized in massage for kitesurfing. The techniques that she uses help to loosen out target areas such as lower back, neck and shoulders.
Eva also has been traveling the globe for the past 6 years working and exploring new cultures. Her vision for Coastal Kitesurf is to give people the possibility to kite in the most prestigious spots out there without the worries of safety or lack of experience. Meanwhile helping fellow kiters to progress and have fun!

Smiling Young Girl

Always on the hunt for the best accommodations around Europe , Alice is passionate about comfort and beauty. We put our faith in Alice and she never fails to surprise us with her creative and positive energy


Flip lives for the swell always on the hunt for the perfect wave , his passion has taken him to Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal and much more. 
Flip has trained his technique and is always close at hand to show you the ropes both on and off the water.