European wind capital

Tarifa, Spain

October, November & December 2020

One of the biggest hot spots in Europe, we could not have a kite trip adventure without including Tarifa on our ever growing list!

 With absolutely stunning conditions and over 300 windy days a year we are always stoked to get the chance to visit the beloved Tarifa.

Our Coastal Kitesurf Clinic will be held here in October, November and December when the crowds of tourists have left the hotspot and the water is still nice and warm. 

We will be mainly kitesurfing between Los Lances & Punta Paloma beaches, both stunning spots with really impressive conditions and views.

Los Lances is a huge sandy beach over 10km long and is located on a nature reserve. This spot has nice waves when the westerly wind blows in and is a short drive from Tarifa centre.

Punta Paloma is our spot of choice when the strong Levante wind blows from the east. Absolutely fantastic location offers safe conditions with a mixture of sand dunes and mountains as a backdrop for your kitesurf photos. The beach is big and never crowded around this time of year so free riding and practicing new tricks will be top of our list.

Price : €750 per week

This price includes airport transport, transport to kitespots, accommodation, coaching and supervision, yoga and massage.


Dakhla, Morocco

 January, February & March 2020

If you are looking for a bit more adventure and culture, travel with us to the very south of Morocco.

Dakhla is located on the edge of the Sahara with a huge flat water lagoon next to the Atlantic Ocean.

If you've just bought a directional, epic wave spots are just a few minutes drive away so Dakhla has it all! 

This location has very reliable wind, and many sunny days during europe's coldest winter months. 

Morocco has a rich culture, beautiful artifacts and the most delicious dishes for you to try. 

There are just a few resorts located right at the lagoon, and with the town about 20 minutes away this place feels like a complete kitesurf heaven!

Escape the cold and conquer the desert!


Wexford, Ireland

May, June & July 2020

Our coastal Kitesurf clinics start the summer in ireland, a magical country with stunning conditions in the most breathtaking locations across the Emerald Isle. Ireland has Recently become a hotspot for riders like Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree & Tom Bridge!

With lots of different wind conditions and diverse kitespots only a few hours from each other, you can aways find something to your liking. whether this is a fresh water lagoon, crashing surf waves or endless ocean, Ireland has it all!

This summer 2020 book a trip with us!

Price : E750 per week

This price includes: Airport transport, transport to and from spots, accommodation, yoga classes and massage. 


Viana de Castelo, Portugal

August & September 2020

Portugal has got such epic conditions and after spending the summer up and down the coast we have decided to host our kitesurf clinics here in Viana Do Castelo, a Kitesurfers dream with a summer packed with good thermal winds.

Viana has hosted the GKA Kitesurf Worldcup in 2018 and many of the world's top riders can be seen here enjoying the magical conditions!

This spot is also famous for its surf, mountain biking and treks. 

The accommodation is close to the beach, where you will find a few nice beach bars and restaurants too. 

The little but lively town of Viana is just over the bridge so the kite spot doesn't get too crowded. 

You can enjoy Portugal's infamous deserted beaches while having everything you need right around the corner.

Come book this destination for August or September.

Price : €750 per week

This unbeatable price includes airport transport, transport to and from the spots, accommodation, coaching and supervision, yoga and massage.